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front chav porn pic

Just wot uve been lookin 4 ye?? Dirty british amateur chav slags.

Who wud of fort that hoop earings, 2 much makeup and a bit of burb wud turn u on so much…

Well this iz why ur here…aint it?


We only work with true British amateur girls. Real girls, real porn!


Drunken Lambrini Chav Slut

When Willy and Justin don’t fancy chatting up the chavs on the local council estate, which isn’t exactly hard, they simply revert to the most basic form of bait.  They drive very slowly through the estate with an opened bottle of Lambrini wine hanging out the window on a stick as though they were trying to make a donkey move a little faster by dangling a carrot in front of its nose.  Before long they see the chavettes start to come out of their flats and out of alleys, putting out their cigarettes and pulling up their tracksuit bottoms.  They follow the Lambrini like it’s the pied fucking piper of Hamelin!

It doesn’t take long for Willy and Justin to decide which one they want, so they reel in the Lambrini amidst all the shouting from the chavettes and toss the bottle to the one they want.  Then they open the door and let them in.  This chavette is the last one they caught and it took them a while to actually get the bottle back from her.


The Chav Hunters Score Big-time!

This one has to be one of my favourite ChavleyCourt movies and it’s sure to go down in the “best of” series, if they ever do one (perhaps on a DVD or something).  Not only do you get the one and only Chav spearman himself, Woody Nobbit, you get some other dude too.  And no, it’s not Willy or Justin.  The action takes place in yet another dreadfully dull council flat on a scummy council estate somewhere in the UK, and the guys have yet again imposed on some unsuspecting chav slut.

Alright, when I say unsuspecting the term is used a little loosely because this council estate chav slut knows exactly what she’s about to get; however I don’t think she knows just how rough it’s going to get.Woody works well with his new teammate on this little chav slut, and when she bends over to get the new guy’s cock in her mouth Woody takes full advantage of the situation and fucks her hard from behind.  That’s not all though; these two chav hunter extraordinaires end up getting the chav slut in every single hole on her body.

I do declare that if her nostrils had been a little bigger she’d have got fucked in her nose too!  These two guys are unstoppable!  See all the action now on ChavleyCourt, but be prepared to be shocked as you see this chavette getting fucked all over the place, nice and hard and without any mercy at all!


Filthy Chav Slut in a Denim Skirt

Chavley Court always houses the most dreadful council estate sofas doesn’t it?  I mean, just look at the state of that thing she’s laying on!  I wouldn’t let my dog sleep on that sofa, it’d probably get some form of lice or something.  However, I don’t mind watching filthy chav sluts from the local council estate playing with themselves on them!  They’re used to them aren’t they?  This little chavette was only too pleased to lift up her dreadful chav, denim skirt and get her knickers off and to have a fiddle with her bits and pieces on cam.  And when I saw that leopard print style underwear set she probably stole from Primark I knew she was genuine chavette material.

I have no idea how Willy and Justin can hold that camera steady while they watch this chav sluts playing with their pussies, if it was me I’d be too busy jerking off, and the camera would probably end up pointing to a set of ducks flying up the kitchen wall!  I don’t even remember the name of this little chavette to be honest, but then it doesn’t really matter does it, they’re all the same when they get their tracksuit bottoms or denim skirts off and their filthy little panties off.

If you want to see more of this dirty little chav then go along to ChavleyCourt and check her out; while you’re there you might want to check out all the other action that’s been going on in the court!  It’s hot!


Woody watches and wanks off

Another day in Chaverly Court, with yet another chav slut. This little council estate slut has agreed to be filmed by Willy and Justin while she plays with her vibe. They didn’t even have to provide her with one, it appears she has a whole drawer full of the fuckers! There’s no holding this little minx back when she gets going that’s for sure. Willy and Justin are filming away thinking that they’ve got yet another classic solo girl chav movie, when suddenly in walks Woody Nobbit! Apparently he’s been watching and wanking the whole time. It’s then that things take a turn for the even better when it is suggested that Willy and Justin film Woody screwing the chavette on the bed.

She agrees to Woody giving her a good old fashioned seeing to and before long she’s on the bed with her vibe cast to one side in favour of Woody Nobbit’s big throbbing chav fuck stick. When he impales her on the end of it she squeals out with delight and squirms around like she’s been wounded in a battle! These chav sluts really know how to turn it on to the cameras! Before too long they are both cumming like mad fucking beasts. Have you ever watched a real chav cum? It’s like nothing on earth you’ve seen before, they’re like wild, completely untamed and filthy beasts! If you want to get your hands on a load more videos and pictures of these chav sluts putting out for the likes of Woody Nobbit, Willy and Justin then go to Chaverly Court and see who’s in at the moment. You won’t regret a minute of the chav porn on offer there.


Sexy busty chav slut

Sometimes you think to yourself if you’ve seen the inside of one council estate flat then you’ve seen the inside of them all, but this one was more hideous than all the others I’ve seen. Just look at the colour of those walls for Christ’s sake! The only thing that kept me watching this movie was the fact that Woody Nobbit gets his hands on some seriously hot chavette pussy. This council estate slut is actually quite nice when you watch her on the screen, and although there isn’t much communication before Woody is exploring the pussy cavern, what you do see and hear is reasonably easy on the eyes and ears. Usually the chav sluts do your fucking head in with all their stupid talk and swearing but this one isn’t that bad; in fact I’d even go so far as saying she’s only borderline chav!

With that shock out there, you seriously need to go and see her for yourself. Never before have I seen a chavette with such an unspoilt, happy looking face, who can actually smile and mean it! This is also a chavette whore who will screw easily without having to give her the obligatory packet of cigs and bottle of vodka or gin! WOW! It looks as though Willy and Justin have actually scored a cracker this time, perhaps they should start a new chav website called semi chavs or something like that; you’re welcome to the idea boys, but just remember that I want 10% of profits from sales!


Shay gets to grips with Woody Nobbit

This one begins with the lovely Shay Hendrix, chav whore, waiting around at the side of the road. To begin with it looks as though she’s waiting for a bus, but personally I think she knows that the good old Chav Van is going to turn up. Before long guess who pulls up alongside her? Yes you guessed it, it’s the Chav Van in search of even more chav sluts from the filthiest council estates in the country. Well, when you’ve got Shay Hendrix in the back of the van then you’ve got hold of a real fiery little chav slut; and there is no calming her down.

It’s just as well that the boys have picked up Shay because they have a real special surprise for her in the back of the van. When the door is opened there lies the one and only Woody Nobbit! Some of you will be aware of who Woody Nobbit is, but for those of you who don’t know, Woody is the guy that Willy and Justin take for a ride sometimes in the back of the van, and they let him loose on all the Chav trim from the local council estates. Willy and Justin have a thing about filming Woody playing with the chavettes and when he plays he plays hard. In this movie however it becomes difficult to tell who is really playing the hardest; the way Shay Hendrix gets hold of Woody’s cock is almost brutal! Hold onto yourself nice and tightly when you watch this one folks, it’s going to get bumpy in the back of that van.


Two Pissed Chav Skanks!

There’s one thing that council estate chavs can do very well indeed, well there’s two actually when you think about it. They get really pissed, and they fuck like bunnies in the wild! When you put the two together you have the makings of the ultimate chav bitch party. When Tanya and Masie get pissed then come outside and see none other than the legendary Chav Van. When they spy the famous van they simply have to call out and try to get in there for a little fun. The Chav Van seems to have made itself a national household name, particularly around the council estates, so it’s not surprising that these two denim skirt, bling wearing chav sluts recognised it (even when they’re pissed!)

The boys are hardly going to turn away this chav pussy are they? Even though the council estates are absolutely smothered with pussy they can’t miss out on the opportunity of a couple of chav skanks literally throwing themselves at the van. These chav sluts have nothing better to do when they’re shitfaced other than climb into a van and play with each other anyway; if it wasn’t the Chav Van it would have been some nob head’s car, probably full of 18 year-old boys who shoot their load in 30 seconds; these chav girls need a little more action when they’ve been drinking. Before long they have their kit off and their hands all over each other. Personally I love the way that these skanks leave their bling on when they’re fucking, it’s really endearing; as if they couldn’t take it off and hang it up somewhere.


College slut goes wild

College girls have all the fun. So thats what they say. It seems that none have more fun then Isabel Dean. She knows how to have fun. One day she decides to skip a day of college because lectures are no fun to listen to. When she walked out she found this white van just sitting there and they seemed like they were waiting just for her. She walks up and agrees to have fun in the back of this van. She takes her pants off and grabbing her purple dildo and just tracing it up and down her panties and clit. She decides that her panties are too much so she rips them off and starts to tease her clit with her purple dildo. She is getting wet now! She cant help it she needs to take her shirt off. Finally she is naked still rubbing her clit with her toy and groaning for more. She finally plunges into her pussy with intense eagerness. Throwing her head back with a big moan she is taking a wild ride. Watch and see how she gets her body goes out of control


Birmingham beauty Kaz B gets a ride in the chav van

Kaz B went out to get Mcdonalds. When she came out with her food there was a white van parked asking for her time to show off what she has. She has no problem showing off her body but then again who can blame her she is sexy! She crawls into the back of the van and starts to strip. First taking off her coat. Then taking off her skirt and panties, shirt and bra. Finally she is naked. Her tan body just laying there on the sheet she cant help but to want to play. So she takes her hand and puts it down to her pussy and starts getting wet, warm juices flowing. She is getting horney and decides eventually that her hand just isnt enough. She pulls out her dildo and starts slamming it into her pussy as errotic as possible. What will she do for the grand finally?


Woody gets his knob sucked

Willy and Justin have done their old friend Woody Nobbit another great favour and brought him to the council estate whores for a good blow job. Woody is having the time of his life in these clips and you should really click on all four of them to get a good idea about just how much fun he’s having with this council estate chav trash. I don’t know her name, and to be perfectly honest I don’t think the boys do either, but she’s one hell of a chav I’ll say that much. Just look at those chav earings, don’t they make you want to grab them and pull her onto your cock a little further; I bet that’s what Woody Nobbit is thinking don’t you?

The boys have worked this council estate before and they have quite a name for themselves. This is where they get a lot of their material for Chaverly Court, and when they bring along Woody Nobbit things get even more interesting; personally I don’t see what all these chav skanks see in the guy, he’s just another old horny guy with a hard cock! Hell, I could do his job easily, especially with this lovely babe. This chavette has a nice, ample pair of boobs that are just perfect for sliding your cock in between without completely losing it; this is extra specially nice if you’ve managed to get the chav slut to make your blow job nice and sloppy and wet. Most of the council estate chavettes know how to blow cock, and they’ve been doing it for a long time, so if you are ever lucky enough to come across a council estate chav slut (no pun intended) you can be sure to get a good blow job if you impress her enough to get into her flat.

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