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Two Pissed Chav Skanks!

There’s one thing that council estate chavs can do very well indeed, well there’s two actually when you think about it. They get really pissed, and they fuck like bunnies in the wild! When you put the two together you have the makings of the ultimate chav bitch party. When Tanya and Masie get pissed then come outside and see none other than the legendary Chav Van. When they spy the famous van they simply have to call out and try to get in there for a little fun. The Chav Van seems to have made itself a national household name, particularly around the council estates, so it’s not surprising that these two denim skirt, bling wearing chav sluts recognised it (even when they’re pissed!)

The boys are hardly going to turn away this chav pussy are they? Even though the council estates are absolutely smothered with pussy they can’t miss out on the opportunity of a couple of chav skanks literally throwing themselves at the van. These chav sluts have nothing better to do when they’re shitfaced other than climb into a van and play with each other anyway; if it wasn’t the Chav Van it would have been some nob head’s car, probably full of 18 year-old boys who shoot their load in 30 seconds; these chav girls need a little more action when they’ve been drinking. Before long they have their kit off and their hands all over each other. Personally I love the way that these skanks leave their bling on when they’re fucking, it’s really endearing; as if they couldn’t take it off and hang it up somewhere.

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